About Deb Tokarz

Deb Tokarz is a previous human resource professional who worked the majority of her long career at a healthcare company. Studying industrial psychology, she has always been interested in learning and understanding human behavior. She transitioned from her corporate life to working on a personal quest to find answers to her unhappiness.

In her heart, she knew there was something causing her symptoms of depression, high anxiety and fatigue. With great determination (and a lot of trial and error), she didn’t stop searching until she finally discovered that copper toxicity had been the culprit.

As her mind and body come into balance from treating the copper toxicity, her symptoms fade, and she becomes acutely aware that copper is not the sole culprit to her cognitive disruption. Not wanting to return to the darkness, she courageously makes life-changing decisions for her health.

Overcoming her painful past and getting her life back, Deb’s driving force and mission is to create awareness to prevent other women from the losses she experienced. She provides hope as a dedicated advocate for self-trust and root cause treatment.

Her bright light and continued personal triumphs inspire others to find balance and healing.


I grew up in Chicago on the second floor of a two-story brownstone. I had an uneventful, good childhood. The only challenge I recall was suffering severe menstrual pain starting in my teen years. Overall, I was happy-go-lucky and nicknamed “Smiley.” It was in my early 20s, after starting the birth control pill, that negative changes began to happen. Suddenly, I found myself coping with unhappiness and despair and not knowing why. 

As hormone changes like pregnancy and menopause arose, I became more unhinged, living in a fog. For fifteen years, I struggled and sought medical help for high anxiety, depression, and fatigue. I felt like a failure as doctors kept treating my symptoms, and therapy didn’t help. I thought I was going crazy when antidepressants and a healthy diet made me worse. Unbeknownst to me and, my doctors I had a dysregulation and could not detox copper properly from my body. 

As copper created a path of destruction, my survival method was journaling my feelings. I have always found solace in expressing my feelings in writing. When I finally found doctors who discovered that I had copper toxicity, they told me I was lucky to be alive. Tearfully, I knew they were right. Hearing other women confide that they, too, have had unexplained emotional experiences and fatigue is why I share my experience in my book, I Cu Copper, and provide hope that healing is possible. 

It’s been a long journey to healing my copper imbalance, but it was not the only root cause of my symptoms. Once my body chemistry became balanced and I regained clarity, I identified environmental hindrances contributing to my unhappiness. 

A preview of my environmental awareness is in my chapter of the book, Aligned Leaders. I will soon share more about the second stage of my healing journey.