Being undermethylated

I was career-driven—accomplishing five promotions in ten years. Unbeknownst to me, a chemical imbalance known as undermethylation was the driving force behind my rise of the corporate ladder. This is a condition of having too few methyl groups which help regulate neurotransmitter activity. High achievement (overdrive), OCD and perfectionism are common. This explains why I was taking continuing education classes at night and running errands or volunteering for “meals on wheels” on my lunch break. The old saying, “If you want something done, give it to the busiest person.” That was me. I was young, ambitious, happy and loved doing things for others. Stress was not in my vocabulary.

Having a copper dysregulation

Becoming a working mom was a whole new ball game. It was difficult. I never foresaw possible burnout. Mainly because I didn’t know I had a dysregulation causing copper toxicity. I was on a runaway train until the stress of a second pregnancy caused a derailment. Copper was not able to detox properly and was building up in my body from my previous pregnancy. It began disrupting my neurotransmitter activity and adrenal glands. My mind was being stimulated by copper and yet causing exhaustion to my body. I thought I was going crazy.

As a once busy bee enjoying life I became intolerant to stress and unhappy. I made valiant attempts to get my strength and joy back. But the chemical imbalances held me in depression, high anxiety, and fatigue. All the interests I once had were gone. I became consumed by guilt, shame, embarrassment and self-pity for 15 years.

When I started advanced nutrient therapy, my energy level was the first thing to improve, then my ability to focus and concentrate got better. That was one of the most difficult for me to deal with—more than the anxiety. I read books to relax or soaked in a warm bath to calm myself. Slowly my smile made a comeback as the anxiety lessened. In fact, my creativity emerged. I enjoyed doing crafts and sewing projects.

Getting rebalanced

I’ve been known for my organizational skills and figuring things out. Learning to recognize my stress intolerance causes me to not overcommit. That’s okay because I’ve become a better version of myself by listening to my mind and body. I’m more mindful because I exercise and meditate daily. Reconnecting with my faith taught me to be more than caring. I am compassionate for those suffering from mental illness. Knowing that stress can raise copper, I avoid loud parties, conflict or overworking. When I’m out of balance, I feel worn out with sadness over my face. Particularly my eyes, and sometimes my stomach will be fluttering unhappily. The difference today is I know what to do to get my balance back before it becomes too out of balance.

My life is reinvented because I’ve slowed down and used self-care. I still have goals and things I want for my future. At the forefront is creating awareness about copper toxicity. Then advocating natural treatment for mental health. I no longer let goals consume me. I use my energy to embrace who I am and what I have been through. My renewed spirit comes from sharing my survival with others who are searching to find their balance.