As you read my book, I Cu Copper, it quickly becomes evident that I dove headfirst into exposing my personal life. I explicitly discuss the pain, behaviors, and decisions that felt out of my control. Fortunately, I survived and took away lessons from that horrific time in my life.

Secrets are damaging

My old thought process told me I don’t owe anyone an explanation for how I’ve managed my life. I could have kept my trauma hidden. But holding it in felt like a secret causing withdrawal from others and amplified sadness. I knew there was a reason for my symptoms. The determination to find answers for my suffering came from listening to my heart rather than my worrying mind. My heart also led me to share my vulnerability as a vital step to the healing process and create awareness.

Look for the magic

Like most, I wanted a “magic pill” that would instantly turn my life around, but that is not realistic. However, it was not a “coincidence” that I found doctors who discovered my symptoms’ root cause.  I had suffered long enough, and the corrective nutrient therapy was what I needed to help regain energy and alertness.  As my physical and mental health improved, I learned all I could about my imbalances. One thing that became clear is that healing involved the integration of mind, body, and spirit. It was time for me to heal, and no accident that an inner self-awakening followed.

Optimal health is about paying attention

My symptoms were predictable once I noticed how my mind and body reacted to environmental influences. For example, high copper foods trigger brain fog and low energy. Sugars have a similar reaction as they cause inflammation. Any stress causes low mood, low energy, agitation, and cognitive impairment. Being aware of these reactions allows me to respond and change the outcome. Also, my phone has become my assistant. Apps with reminders to stay compliant with nutrient therapy, take time to breathe, and go-to foods help consistently better health. I admit it’s not easy to avoid stress with life’s changes and challenges, but I do my best to find balance and protect myself from unwanted symptoms.

Healing is a continual work in progress

Feeling in balance physically and mentally, I entered the next phase of my healing journey. This phase is about aligning my emotions with my values and beliefs. It’s a conscious effort to let go of a lifetime of programmed limiting beliefs. Connecting spiritually has helped me maintain balance. For some, spirituality is the idea that there is something greater than themselves. Others delve into seeing it as being cosmic or divine. Regardless of a structured view through organized religious rituals or focusing on relationships, values, and life purpose through the guidance and wisdom of shamans, healers, and sages, spirituality is a personal practice that creates a sense of peace and purpose.

Connecting with self promotes healing

I believe in God and angels and include prayer in my life. However, I also connect with my higher self (the God within me), and my spirit guides through meditation. Both have led me in a positive direction of trusting myself. No longer do I cry, “God, why?” because I know the answer is within me. No one can heal me or provide me with happiness. It is not to devalue doctors because they identify what we cannot see in the body’s blood chemistry and image tests and recommend treatment options. A therapist is also important to guide when we underestimate our own will. When past doctors mistreated my symptoms, it was because they didn’t test for imbalances. They made assumptions based on my fatigue and emotional description. I’ve learned to help diagnoses by not denying what might be out of balance in my life. Being honest lets me see if I have added stress or if I need to dig a little deeper to uncover what I may not have honored, like getting enough sleep. For my well-being, I no longer try to be everything for everyone pushing myself beyond recognizable limitations.

Trust your heart if you want to heal

When readers thanked me for telling my story and expressed that it helped them not feel alone, I realized I need to share more about how I continue to heal.

Most importantly, it is vital to get out of the head. I found that you have to “Trust your heart if you want to heal” – personal quote.  Letting go of limiting beliefs helped me diminish fear. Following my heart is a simple technique of  “feeling” what is best for me. Sometimes my gut will answer with an uneasy twinge of anxiety, and that is when I use a technique I recently discovered called “two roads.” It involves placing one option on the road to the right and the other on the left. Whichever route appears more transparent, comforting, and feels better is the option that I choose, and it has not failed me yet. There was a time I trusted those with professional titles or loved ones over my knowing, resulting in not feeling sure of myself.  I no longer accept anything that doesn’t “feel” right from my heart space.


Developing intuition is all about trust. The more I listen to my heart, the stronger my intuition. I have always been interested in learning more about the chemical and energy systems related to my health issues and cognitive behaviors. But being a medical practitioner, therapist, or even a life coach doesn’t feel like the right path. One day I expressed to an energy healing coach that I think my way is healing but have not found a modality I would like to pursue. She said, “You are, and you have. Your writing is healing.”💡She’s right! My journey and willingness to share my story helped heal me and provided hope for others to heal. The nudging I had to find answers for my pain and tell my story was energy pulling me to my life purpose. I am a healer!

Synchronically, I have found many methods that have propelled me so much faster on my healing journey.  I will continue to share what I am currently doing and exploring that benefits my growth and may help others.