Such an honor to be invited to talk about my book with these two awesome radio hosts Bill Turck and Kerri Kendall.

My First Live Radio Interview

What a great opportunity to discuss my book, I Cu Copper. I was a little nervous until I walked into their waiting area. There stood the exact vintage radio I have in my family room (photos below). I acquired mine from my dad. He owned and operated a TV/Radio Sales and Repair shop in Chicago. He passed in 2017. When I saw this, I knew it was a sign that he was there in spirit. This was the comfort I needed to calm my nerves.









The show was an informative health segment. First from Janet Sutherland-Madden author of Nose Over Toes then me. She spoke about surviving a brain aneurysm and I discussed surviving copper toxicity. The commonality other than survival was that we both suffered PTSD and offered hope to the listeners.

Here is the audio link from the show that aired on Sunday, July 28, 2019, with both interviews.