Natural treatment for mental health disorders

Advanced nutrient therapy is an alternative approach to psychiatric medications. Those trained in treating mental health disorders with supplementation are generally considered “alternative” practitioners.

The test method used is blood, urine and sometimes hair analysis. These tests determine the formulated dosage based on the individual patient’s biochemistry. The specific nutrient supplementation is comprised of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These are the same primary raw materials for the synthesis of many neurotransmitters. 


Advanced nutrient therapy can correct overloads and deficiencies by supplying appropriate levels of micronutrients. This is because nutrients influence neurotransmitter activity and brain function. They are a natural drug-free option with no side effects and can be taken concurrently with other medications. The only disadvantage is results are slower. Also, they generally are not covered by insurance.

Toxic Treatment for mental health disorders

SSRI medications target low serotonin activity. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that relieves the symptom of depression for those low in serotonin. However, because these drugs are comprised of foreign molecules awful side effects and withdrawal symptoms occur. Psychiatric medications are a trial and error method. They treat the symptom rather than the cause and do not correct the problem. Nor do they interact well with other medications. However, they do have a quicker reaction time and are covered by insurance. 

It’s an exciting time in mental health medicine. Researchers have discovered that depression is not a single disorder. In fact, there are several different biotypes and conditions of depression. For those with low serotonin, there are also those with high serotonin not responding well. Too little dopamine and too much norepinephrine also cause cognitive challenges that do not respond to SSRIs. Thus, natural treatment is great news for those not responding and/or suffering side effects from traditional medications.

What about the Nutrients in Foods?

Getting an adequate amount of nutrients from our food for optimal brain function is difficult. This is partly due to the soil and preparation which depletes good nutrients. It is also impossible to eat the volume of nutrients needed for well-being. For those with cognitive challenges, it is important to avoid foods high in specific nutrients. They could contribute to negative mental health symptoms. Proper testing can identify which foods to eat to normalize imbalances. For example, those suffering cognitively from copper overload should decrease the intake of high copper food. Those with methylation disorders should avoid folate.

Watch for a future blog “Eating What’s Right for You” which will have more information about eating the right foods for your individual biochemistry

To learn more about the different biotypes and the research behind advanced nutrient therapy treatment visit The Walsh Research Institute is located in Illinois. They’ve done extensive studies on the use of natural treatment for mental health disorders. A list of practitioners is on their website.

Psychiatric medication not helping? Tired of the trial and roller coaster? Consider a natural approach. I did and it changed my life!